1. I lost my car keys. Can you help?

Instant Keys has been servicing the First Coast since 1998. We can make and program keys for nearly every year make and model vehicle, even if all keys are lost. Call us today at (833) 228-3873 for more information.

2. My car uses a key with a computer chip. Can Instant Keys make this kind of key?

Instant Keys specializes in transponder key technology. We provide dealer quality services at a fraction of the dealer cost. Contact us today and see how much you can save.

3. My keys are lost or stolen. What can I do?

Instant Keys can re-key your vehicle to match new keys, so the missing keys will no longer work. This can be done without replacing the locks keeping the cost much lower than a similar service at the dealer. In select cases, missing keys can simply be erased from the vehicles memory.

4. My remote is lost or broken. Can Instant Keys help?

We stock hundreds of remotes for your car. Our low prices always include programming the remote to your vehicles. We have programming software for almost every make and model. Call us today for a quote on your vehicle at (833) 228-3873.

5. My key won’t turn my lock or ignition. Can you help?

Our mobile service can repair or replace a damaged lock or ignition for much less than a dealer, mechanic, or body shop at your location. For a quote on your make and model, give us a call at (833) 228-3873.

Residential/Commercial: Coming Soon

Contact us today to learn more about the personalized attention you receive from our automotive locksmiths. We proudly serve customers in Jacksonville, Florida.